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Hays House Live


Nowata features a wide arrangement of living accommodations and specializes in placing clients in the right environment to promote growth and wellness. Hays House has both single occupancy and dual occupancy rooms within its housing model. We have multiple lounge and dining spaces on campus with Hi-Speed Internet and cable TV throughout the campus.


Staff in our Education Building at Hays House work with each client to develop goals and the skills necessary to promote the highest degree of self-independence. Dependent upon the level of each individual, these skills may include brushing teeth, shaving and bathing. They may also include higher level activities such as assisting with the preparation of their own meals and cleaning their personal and communal living space. Many of our clients also receive money management training and take regular trips to the bank and to local stores to shop for their own personal needs.

Hays House Work


At Hays House, when at all possible, we encourage our clients to develop the skills necessary to work in our surrounding community or on our campus. Many of our clients work within our campus grounds, assisting our staff with lawncare, maintenance, laundry, washing cars or within our document shredding service.


We believe life is too short not to have fun. At Hays House we have outings, play board games, watch television and movies, we have hi-speed Internet, we have video games and sometimes when the weather is right, we have movies on the lawn. Coming Soon to Hays House is the The Hang Multimedia classroom and lounge, a State of the Art Viewing Theater, where clients can enjoy the “Theater” experience without leaving our campus. THE HANG is a 6,500 square foot multi-media classroom and activity center, complete with movie theater quality tiered seating, surround sound, a concession stand, a video gaming arcade e-sport activities.